Written By

Teresa Fiedler-Buss

Teresa Fiedler-Buss is an aspiring author who is driven by her passion to help children in today’s culture. While volunteering at a summer vacation bible school, Teresa had the pleasure of working with children, learning about their daily challenges in a world of technology, how they overcome relationship obstacles, and what motivates them and makes them happy.
In addition, Teresa is also inspired by her nephew and others close to her, who has special needs. She tries understanding the daily challenges and additional obstacles they are faced with in search of acceptance. Teresa believes it is important to take extra time to get to know someone because the benefit you receive far exceeds the time. She herself has faced many of her own personal obstacles. This equips her to relate with children, taking the extra time to openly discuss strategies to help them overcome some of their fears, different ways to approach uncomfortable situations and handle any obstacle they may be faced with. Teresa has immersed herself in different books and educational articles as well as gathered feedback from parents, guardians and teachers.
She is living her lifelong dream of being a children’s author by writing a series of fun, colorful and interactive books about feelings and emotions mixed with current life lessons. In addition, she offers lesson plans and discussion pages within the books to help with Common Core State Standard (CCSS) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). She plans to take her characters on different adventures that promote many positive characteristic traits but most of all love. Teresa works full-time in accounting for a retirement company and her roots are in Menasha, WI with her husband Troy and their purebred Yorkshire terrier, Marley.

Illustrated By

Bailey Traxler

As a graduate in Arts Management achieving her master’s degree in London, England, Bailey Traxler is a passionate advocate of the arts who consistently is involved in art, theatre and music either recreationally or professionally. To continue her passion in creativity and art she found it rewarding to illustrate this book utilizing a talent that she felt was a simple hobby. She was drawn to the project’s lessons and themes and wanted to help bring them to life. During her process, she found it extremely important to be a collaborative artist and discuss the various illustrations and their focus to match the story’s themes. In the future, Bailey looks forward to seeing what “The Winds of Happiness” has in store and what opportunities arise from this experience. Bailey now resides in her home town of Appleton, WI and enjoys playing the piano, getting lost in a book, attending the theatre and planning her next adventure.